Precise Machining

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NEXT CNC precise machining.

The Next CNC company handles the precise machining in the CNC technology. 

Since the beginning of our activity we put importance on the services given on CNC machines.

Thanks to our perennial experience in this profession, and also an appropriate qualifications- we match the technology and production solutions according to the given technical records or the examples.

We don't limit our operation to the national market. For many years we cooperate with the companies from Germany, France and the Netherlands enjoying their trust.

We invite you to cooperation


In the field of turning, we offer services performed on MAZAK machine tools and trained staff. The reliability and precision of these machines and the operator's experience allows for performance of complex individual elements as for the machining of the whole series .

By using the bar feeder we have greater efficiency through automating the entire production process.

Turning range 

- max turning diameter fi 420 mm
- max turning diameter fi 420 mm
- spindle clearance fi112 mm


We offer milling services on MAZAK vertical machine tools. These milling machines specialize in accurately making the workpiece according to the technical documentation entrusted. Technology and quality allow for the satisfaction of the most demanding customers.

Milling machining options:

- milling 1300 mm x 550 mm


As part of many years of cooperation with other companies, we organize chemical surface treatment, i.e.
- galvanizing
- blackening
- manganom phosphating
- nitriding
- hardening
- varnishing


We have an automatic band saw machine that precisely and quickly cuts each material in preparation for further processing. Thanks to such automation we accelerate and shorten the production process. .


In cooperation, we implement comprehensive complex elements that require grinding, chiselling, welding and cutting teeth.


Our machine park allows us to process materials such as steel plain, stainless steel, automatic, tool, hardened inductively, bronze, brass, aluminum and plastics.
We manufacture elements from our own and entrusted materials.


We know perfectly well how important keeping a company is deadlines, time frames for each project are our priority. An integrated system that tracks the process of the detail being made makes our machining is done on time and enables ours Clients maintain the liquidity of their own production.


We provide customers with the ordered goods through efficient cooperation with courier companies in the country and abroad. Delivery time1- working days from shipment.
Each parcel sent by us is covered by insurance.